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Step 1 - Profit you want

The first step is to decide how much profit you want to make this year. For most people this idea is big departure from their current mindset but it’s the right way to think about it. Remember, I said you’d have to be willing to change the way you think, so stick with me. How much profit should you be making? The average profit in the home service industry is 18 percent of EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation). To make the math we’re about to do easier, let’s round that up to 20 percent EBITDA.

How much profit do you want?


EBITDA Percentage


Step 2 - Average Ticket Price

Next you want to look at your Average Ticket total. In the garage door business, my average ticket is $400. Divide $5,000,000 by $400, which is 12,500. That means you need 12,500 jobs at $400 apiece to reach your goal.

Average Ticket Price


Step 3 - Percentage of jobs completed

Sometimes customers cancel and jobs are not completed so we need to get a handle on that number for a lot of reasons. For the purposes of this first pass at explaining this, let’s just assume that your techs and CSRs are rock stars and all their jobs always get completed and I’ll come back to that box later.

Job Complete Percentage


Step 4 - Appointments that convert to sold jobs

Next you want to look at how many appointments your Customer Service Reps set actually got converted into sold jobs.

Converted Appointments Percentage


Step 5 - Appointments that convert to sold jobs

Appointments Set from Calls and Forms tells you your call center booking and your web form conversion rate. If somebody calls in, or leaves you a Yelp inquiry or fills out a form on your website, you want to look at what percentage of those events turned into an appointment.

Appointments From Calls & Forms Percentage


Step 6 - Marketing Budget

Marketing Budget. Here’s where it gets really interesting. Ultimately you need to figure what it is costing to acquire each call.

Marketing Budget Per Call


Step 7 - Finished!

Total Revenue Required


Total Number of Jobs Required


Total Number of Converted Appointments Required


Total Number of Required Jobs Booked


Overall Marketing Budget


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